Experts Delve into the World of Podcasts

May 20, 2020

Mid-May, Columbia University School of Journalism Professor Daniel Alarcón and Crónica Estéreo Editor Francisco Aravena (JN'03) reviewed all that goes into planning, producing and airing podcasts.

"There are certain issues that you can safely turn to and others that you have to bet on. If the first interview does not go well, I know that I will learn what to ask for the next one," Aravena said during the webinar “Podcasts and Covid-19: Registering the Sounds of the Pandemia,” co-hosted between the Santiago Center and Universidad Diego Portales’ School of Journalism as part of the ongoing "Future of Journalism" series. Aravena’s Crónica Estéreo is a daily podcast associated with Chilean newspaper La Tercera.

In turn, "sometimes reporting and being depressing go hand-in-hand, especially at times like these [of Covid-19]. People want the hard news because they want to know what we are experiencing," said Alarcón, who is also the executive producer of the successful Latin American Spanish language podcast Radio Ambulante and editorial director of weekly podcast El Hilo.

The event was moderated by Nancy Castillo, creator of the podcast Relato Nacional and Professor of Journalism at UDP.