Global Executive Master in Public Administration welcomes its class of 2017

On January 15th, the Global Executive Master of Public Administration (Global EMPA) program welcomed its second class of students. The 18-month degree program was launched last year through the Columbia Global Centers |Rio de Janeiro with an inaugural cohort of 22 students from government, non-profit, and private sectors throughout Brazil.

March 17, 2016

In its second year of operation, the Global EMPA program expanded to include students across the United States, Colombia and the United Arab Emirates, in addition to a second cohort of students based in Brazil. Students outside of Brazil compose the program’s first US-based cohort, which includes top executives in such areas as technology, energy, and education. Students in both cohorts of the incoming class are integrated virtually in their courses and will convene in July during the first of two intensive summer semesters at Columbia’s New York campus.

During this year’s summer session, students in the second cohort will complete coursework on sustainability management, economy policy and communicating in organizations, while students in the first cohort will finalize their capstone projects. Following the summer semester, the Global EMPA Class of 2016 will graduate as the program’s first alumni.