A Reception at the French Embassy for Columbia Students

January 04, 2024

The French Ambassador to Tunisia, Ms. Anne Guéguen, organized a reception for Columbia students at the French Residence. These students visited Tunisia as part of the Kraft Global Fellowship program.

Among the attendance were Columbia University Chaplain Dr. Jewelnel Davis, the Kraft fellows, the CGC Tunis team, and Mr. Diego Filiu, an alumnus of Columbia College, Columbia SIPA and the Kraft Global Fellowship, currently working with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stationed in Tunisia, as a Cadre d’Orient. 

During the meeting, Ambassador Guéguen fostered an open dialogue by inviting questions from the students. Their inquiries ranged from discussions on cultural activities in Tunisia to reflections on the historical relationship between Paris and Tunis, as well as the role of a French Ambassador in the world, etc. Mr. Filiu, drawing from his own experience as a former Kraft Fellow, offered valuable insights into the practical benefits of participating in initiatives like the Kraft Global Fellowship program. His reflections provided the students with a firsthand perspective on the advantages of engaging in intercultural exchange initiatives. 

Throughout the discussion, Ambassador Guéguen emphasized the importance of such programs in promoting cross-cultural understanding and cooperation. She reaffirmed her commitment to supporting initiatives that facilitate international dialogue, highlighting the significance of fostering connections and mutual understanding among diverse communities.