Rio Center to develop collaboration with Brazilian National School of Public Administration

March 19, 2015

On March 11, 2015, Thomas Trebat, Director of the Columbia Global Center in Rio de Janeiro and Maria Luiza Paranhos, Project Coordinator at CGC Rio, attended a meeting with ENAP – Brazil´s National School of Public Administration, in Brasilia to evaluate possibilities of collaborations between ENAP and Columbia University.

Gleisson Rubin, specialist in Public Policies and Governmental Management, took office as ENAP´s president this month and emphasized on the importance of offering a service of quality and the opportunity of internationalizing their academic program.

ANESP (National Association of Specialists in Public Policies and Governmental Management) also joined the meeting to support the partnership. João Aurelio, President of ANESP, believes that “to invest in this partnership is a way to put into practice some of the missions of ANESP, such as working to improve the capacitation of specialists in public policies and governmental management”.

The global center in Rio de Janeiro will work closely with ENAP and Columbia University in order to assist both institutions in pursuing this collaboration.


Read complete article published by ANESP (in Portuguese) about this meeting.