The Rio Center receives group from Barnard College

April 20, 2015

From March 15 to 20, the Columbia Global Centers | Rio de Janeiro had the pleasure to welcome a group from Barnard College in Rio de Janeiro. 

Professors, undergraduate students and administrative staff spent a week in Rio de Janeiro, where they have held meetings and events.

The purpose of the visit was to bring to Rio de Janeiro the 2015 Young Women’s Leadership Workshop, which happens in Barnard College every year. After gathering women, who are leaders in several fields, from the five continents in New York, the discussion is spread by sending Global Fellows to discuss it with local High Schools students. In Rio de Janeiro the workshop took place at the Institute Brazil United States (IBEU), in Copacabana, on March 16.

One of the professors accompanying the group was Dr. José Moya, Director of the Barnard Forum on Migration and Director of the Institute of Latin America Studies of Columbia University. At the Columbia Global Center in Rio, he gave a lecture called Um País Maravilhoso? – Defining Brazil in a Global Context. Alumni and other local scholars who study Latin America attended the lecture, which was followed by a reception.

Dr. Aaron Passel was also accompanying the group. His interest in Urban Sociology was shared by the four Global Fellows, and led them to visit other parts of Rio de Janeiro and see it from a different perspective. After attending talk at Studio-X – The Columbia University School of Architecture Global Initiative – the group was keen to get to see the urban peculiarities of Rio de Janeiro, so they visited Favelas such as Santa Marta and Cerro-Corá and took both Walking and Bike tours in the Historical Center and the South Side of the city.