Santiago Internship Spotlight: Silvia Andrade

July 23, 2021

Silvia Andrade is Colombian and studying a master's degree in Sustainability Management at Columbia’s School of Professional Studies (SPS). She is one of the sixteen students participating in the Santiago Virtual Internship Program during this northern hemisphere summer, working with the Chilean corporate governance consultancy Razor Consulting under the guidance of Gabriela Gutiérrez and Héctor Lehuedé. Below is Andrade’s story.

Being part of Columbia University has been one of the most enriching experiences I have had since it has helped me to broaden my mind and understand the great challenge that we have to face climate change. I believe that we all must do our part to provide better living conditions on our planet for our future generations.

Previously, I worked in my country in the capital markets industry, and I understood that we need to change the model in which we normally do business towards one that is more environmentally friendly, based on transparency and trust of all the agents involved, whether they are consumers, shareholders, clients, or employees.

While all these issues are more focused on an environmental perspective that in turn have an impact on society, the role of corporate governance is key for these new possible business models to materialize. Therefore, doing my internship with Razor Consulting has been enriching for me because their corporate governance expertise has helped me to understand the importance of these good practices in companies.

Currently, we are working on a joint project with a multilateral bank to improve corporate governance practices in state-owned companies in a Latin American country. This experience has allowed me not only to learn about this subject but also to give back to the region as a Colombian. I have the generous support and close company of the firm’s partners who have shared their knowledge and wide experience with me. They have also introduced me to people with a wide trajectory in this field and with a genuine interest in the work they do. Normally, we meet weekly to organize a work plan that we follow up during the week.

Being part of this firm and having people like Gabriela and Héctor in this internship has confirmed my desire to contribute to the transparency and trust in companies through practices that promote sustainable growth. This is ultimately key to their credibility towards a business model that cares for the environment and society.