Santiago Internship Stories: TC Student is Inspirational Researcher, Teacher

July 31, 2020

Teachers College (TC) graduate student Joon Yong Choi, working in an internship organized through the Santiago Center, is reviewing current global financial and economic trends surrounding Covid-19 to contribute to Universidad Católica’s Center for International Studies (CEIUC) research on the geopolitical impact of the pandemic.

For this project, Choi has been using research skills that he has developed over time, and with this work has been refining those skills and hoping to make major contributions to the CEIUC’s studies. The global nature of the research has allowed him to continue his previous work in international affairs as well.

The International Comparative Education Master’s candidate will begin his fourth year of teaching this fall at a middle school in the Bronx. Choi is a soccer fanatic and in his free time he coaches the middle school team.

In teaching, he has seen first-hand the influence older generations have over younger ones. His message in this time is that, now more than ever, “it’s the responsibility of all generations to inspire the next.”