Welcoming Four Associations to Reid Hall

Our Center is pleased to welcome four associations with whom we are now partnering.

November 02, 2021

Our Center is pleased to welcome four associations with whom we are now partnering. They focus on active and practical changes in civic and governmental engagement, and will lead our path forward as ongoing initiatives that generate not only training workshops, but also educational public programs and publications. 

  • Académie des futurs leaders: Led by former Obama scholar and SINGA founder, Alice Barbe, the Académie supports citizen leaders fighting for social and environmental justice as they enter politics. 
  • AgorAkademi: Directed by Nilüfer Göle, professor of sociology at EHESS, funded by the Nomis Foundation, the AgorAkademi aims to query the emancipatory potential of the Public Space in late modernity.
  • City Diplomacy Lab: Led by Lorenzo Kihlgren Grandi, the Lab is an unprecedented alliance between scholars and practitioners of cities' international action. It deploys a multi-disciplinary methodology to expand the understanding and practice of city diplomacy and advise its evolution. 
  • Serve the City: Led by Tom Wilscam, it is part of a global network of English-speaking volunteers engaged in practical ways to assist those who are most in need. Their association is a legal NGO in Paris, focused on helping asylum seekers, the migrant population, the homeless, and underprivileged foreigners in Paris. 

Once these associations have grounded their activities at our Center, we feel they would be ideal platforms for cross-center collaborations, as they address myriad fundamental issues facing our world: leadership; civic engagement; urbanisation; migration; and climate change. 

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