Conference & Event Venue POLICIES AND PROCEDURE at Columbia Global Center Beijing

Columbia Global Center Beijing serves as a physical and intellectual gateway for the Columbia community in East Asia, facilitating and promoting academic exchange, research, and scholarship programs in the region. It helps provide our faculty, students, and alumni with a broader global view and international experience by forging connections with regional intelligence.

Columbia Global Center Beijing, the gateway to Columbia University in China, hosts academic conferences, meetings, symposia, and cultural events, providing an important space where scholars and thought leaders from diverse fields can come together to share ideas, and where Columbia and the local community can engage with China and the world.

CGCBJ rental spaces include a Multi-Functional room, with a capacity of 130 people; a Conference room, with a capacity of 50 people in a theater-style setup; and a Gallery Area, with a capacity of 10 people in a class desk-style setup. please visit our space on the website.


Policies and Procedures

CGCBJ abides by the policies developed for University events, which are supplemented by policies specific to CGCBJ. Event sponsors should be familiar with and must agree to comply with these policies in order to host an event at CGCBJ. A summary of The CGCBJ policies is below. Additional policy details and procedures particular to an event will be provided to event hosts.




Access to CGCBJ Venues

  1. CGCBJ is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for national holidays.
  2. Events at CGCBJ may start before or end after building hours by advance arrangement.
  3. Access to the building, including offices, meeting rooms, and the gallery is restricted to approved visitors, including guests registered for events.
  4. Individuals visiting an office at CGCBJ should make arrangements with their host in advance concerning access to CGCBJ offices.
  5. For access to events in CGCBJ event sponsors must validate attendees in the designated event registration area in the lobby and provide each guest with an event identifier (e.g., badge, nametag, wristband, lanyard).

[Event identifiers must include the name of the event or event sponsor. The Event attendees list must be provided to CGCBJ staff at least two business days prior to the event.]


Advertising (see also Posting Guidelines and Signage)

  1. It is not permitted to distribute literature or marketing materials at CGCBJ that have not been authorized by the CGCBJ administration. Email with requests to place marketing materials in our public spaces.
  2. All event marketing and promotions must adhere to the advertising guidelines outlined in the conference service agreement.
  3. CGCBJ reserves the right to remove approved and unapproved materials at any time.
  4. Non-affiliated organizations must include the following language on all promotional material and other collateral for events to be held at Columbia Global Centers|Beijing: "This event is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by Columbia Global Centers|Beijing."
  5. Such language must be in a font type and size no smaller than the font type and size used in the rest of the event promotional material or other collateral.
  6. All promotional material and other collateral must be submitted to CGCBJ prior to being distributed in connection with the event.
  7. Further, in any event promotional materials, use of the COLUMBIA name must be secondary to the event name, building name and street address. By way of example, for an event to be held in Lerner Hall, an acceptable subject line in an email promotion would be the following: "Writing Workshop, No. 26   1F Core Plaza, No.1 Shanyuan Street, Columbia Global Centers|Beijing ".
  8. Failure to comply with these provisions will result in cancellation, subject to the Cancellation Policy above.



  1. Events at CGCBJ at which alcohol is served must abide by Columbia University’s Policies on Alcohol and Drugs [ ].
  2. Event sponsors are responsible for ensuring their caterers have reviewed and are familiar with the Columbia University Policies on Alcohol and Drugs, and that the policies are enforced throughout the event.


Audiovisual and Technical Services

  1. CGCBJ provides free WiFi throughout the building.
  2. CGCBJ has staff, who provide AV consultation in advance of each event and AV support during the event.
  3. CGCBJ ’s rental rates are inclusive of standard AV services. If your event requires additional AV services, staff, or equipment beyond what CGCBJ provides, you will be directed to the vendor to provide an estimate for those additional services.
  4. Event sponsors should designate one person from their organization to serve as the point person, in advance of as well as during the event, to communicate with CGCBJ’s staff about the technical and production aspects of the event.


Banners and Step and Repeat Backdrop

Any banners or step and repeat backdrops to be used by event sponsors in CGCBJ, as well as their size and placement, must be reviewed and approved in advance by CGCBJ’s staff. Banners and backdrops should be professional and appropriate to the event, the venue, and the audience.


Billing and Fees

  1. For Columbia affiliates, a chart string, a signed copy of the estimate/contract, and an expense authorization form are needed to confirm the event.
  2. For non-affiliates, a non-refundable deposit of $1,000, or 20% of the initial estimate, whichever is lower, is due at the signing of this contract. The balance of your payment is due 120 days prior to the event. Within 7 days following your event, you will receive a summary of your event details and notification of final charges. 
  3. Clients will be charged for setup and breakdown of furniture, labor, staffing, custodial services, rentals, catering, AV, and any other needs to make a successful event.
  4. Events at CGCBJ may start before or end after building hours, may incur additional labor charge.
  5. CGCBJ may make revisions to the contract based on unforeseen changes in market conditions or due to unforeseen additional labor or physical resources required to execute the event. The event sponsor will be responsible for these costs. Changes will be communicated in writing to the event sponsor in advance.



Cancellations of events are subject to a cancellation fee, depending on the date on which the cancellation is communicated in writing to CGCBJ. Event sponsors should refer to their signed event agreement for cancellation deadlines and associated fees.

  1. Cancellations made more than 120 days prior to the event will be charged a flat fee of $1,000, or 20% of event cost, whichever is lower.
  2. Cancellations made between 31-120 days are charged 50% of the total remaining event cost.
  3. Cancellations within 30 days prior to the event will be charged for 100% of the total remaining estimated event cost.
  4. CGCBJ reserves the right, without penalty, to cancel or relocate an event with at least 3 business days notice.


Catering (see also Food and Drink)

Catering Vendors: CGCBJ staff can provide referrals to approved local and full-service caterers. Event sponsors may use their preferred catering services, CGCBJ’s Director must review and approve the vendor for service at CGCBJ.

  1. All outside catering equipment including china, glass, silverware, and tables must be delivered and picked up on the same day as the event.
  2. CGCBJ does not provide hand trucks or dollies.
  3. Event sponsors or caterers should immediately notify the CGCBJ event lead of any spills so that Facilities can be alerted.
  4. All food and drink must be removed at the end of the event; the caterer or event sponsor is responsible for seeing that this is done. Failure to comply may result in an additional charge to the event sponsor.
  5. No overnight storage of food or drink is allowed.
  6. Caterers using CGCBJ ‘s Multi-Functional room and conference room are required to clean the facility before leaving the building. Any clean-up required as a result of not following this policy will be at the expense of the event sponsor.
  7. CGCBJ is committed to sustainability practices that are good for the health and well-being of our community and our earth. We encourage the use of dishware that is reusable, recyclable, or compostable and the use of locally and organically sourced ingredients that are ethically produced.
  8. Catering menu selections and guaranteed guest count are due 10 business days in advance of your event. Billing will be based on this guarantee or the actual number of guests, whichever is greater.


Commercial Activity

No commercial activity is allowed within CGCBJ without explicit, written permission from the CGCBJ administration.


Copying and Printing

CGCBJ does not provide photocopying, faxing, design, or printing services for events. We will gladly provide a list of nearby locations that offer business services.


Custodial and Facilities Services

Standard venue rental fees include basic custodial services. Additional charges may apply if special setups are requested or significant cleaning is required after an event.



Attendees, event sponsors, and users are responsible for ensuring that no damage occurs to CGCBJ facilities. Repair of damages to facilities or equipment may be charged to the responsible parties.



  1. The use of temporary decorations in meeting or event rooms and public spaces must be  approved by CGCBJ event staff in advance of the event.
  2. No decorations may be laced on or attached to the walls, windows, or doors of CGCBJ.
  3. Decorations that do not adhere to these guidelines or have not been approved will be removed.
  4. Any damages caused by the use of decorations may result in charges to the event sponsor.



Deliveries may be delayed or refused if not approved in advance and if there is no member of CGCBJ staff (or other building tenants) associated with the delivery.

Details of the delivery must be communicated with CGCBJ in advance of the shipment.

Shipment of less than 15 boxes will be free of charge if received within 24 hours of your event.

If shipment is received more than 24 hours in advance of your event there will be a handling fee of $5 per box. 15 or more boxes of shipment require booking the coat check storage room at a rate of $250/day.


Event Advertising

Announcements, invitations, posters, and press releases regarding any events at CGCBJ       must be reviewed by CGCBJ communications in advance of sending or printing. This is to       ensure appropriate branding and correct information about CGCBJ. Drafts of these materials should be sent via email to [email protected]


Event Registration and Access

All events will be provided with a designated registration area in CGCBJ. Event sponsors are responsible for handling advance and day-of registration for their events and providing the following:

  1. An event identifier (e.g. badge, nametag, wristband, lanyard) for each guest to access CGCBJ, event identifiers must be branded with the name or sponsor of the event.
  2. A snapshot or sample of the event identifier and the total number of guests registered must be sent via email to at least 2 business days prior to the event.
  3. The person from the Event sponsors has to manage the registration desk on the day of the event. The person must arrive 30 minutes before the event and remain at the registration desk at the end of the event.


Food and Drink (see also Catering)

  1. All plans for food and drink at CGCBJ must be reviewed and approved by the CGCBJ event lead at least one week prior to the event.
  2. The serving of alcohol in conjunction with an event requires the following of appropriate University protocols (see Alcohol).
  3. Additional charges may apply if significant cleaning is required after an event serving food and drink.
  4. Food and drink are not allowed in the Multi-Functional room, with the exception of water in covered containers.
  5. The removal or disposal of any food and drink left over from an event is the responsibility of the event sponsor or their designated caterer.
  6. No food or drink may be stored or left overnight at CGCBJ.


Furniture, Furniture Rentals, and Room Setup

  1. Furniture and venue maintenance at CGCBJ is provided by Columbia University Facilities.
  2. Use of event and meeting space at CGCBJ includes setup and breakdown with conference tables and chairs and other furnishings within CGCBJ’s inventory. Event sponsors can arrange for the rental of additional furniture, in consultation with the event manager.
  3. Event sponsors should not rearrange CGCBJ furniture without consultation with the event manager.
  4. Tables and chairs should never block or hinder entrances, exits, or passageways.


Information Technology

The CGCBJ’s use of IT, including and especially when associated with our events, is guided by Columbia University IT (CUIT) policies designed to protect the University’s computer systems, networks, data, and other information resources. []


Lost and Found

Any unclaimed property found at CGCBJ should be handed over to the front desk in the CGCBJ lobby.


Office Supplies

CGCBJ does not provide office supplies for events. Event sponsors should come prepared with notepads, pencils, pens, etc., as needed, relevant to the needs of their event. CGCBJ can provide a list of nearby office supply stores to event sponsors if supplies are needed on the day of the event.



CGCBJ staff can provide information of parking garages in the neighborhood upon request.


Posting Guidelines

No flyers, posters, or printed materials may be affixed to any surfaces in CGCBJ exceptions are required for government safety posters, which must be reviewed and approved by the CGCBJ administration pertinent to where and how such signage is posted.  (See also Advertising and Signage.)


Public Programming

Many events at CGCBJ sponsored by Columbia departments, schools, and institutes are   open to the public; some events require registration. Check the CGCBJ Events Calendar for upcoming events. In addition, CGCBJ sponsors programs for the broader community in collaboration with Columbia and community partners. If you have ideas for public programming at CGCBJ, please email [email protected].


Rest area

Rest area is located on the 2nd floor of CGCBJ.


Rules of University Conduct

Events at CGCBJ are guided by Columbia University’s Rules of University Conduct [ ].


Shipping and Storage Policies


  1. Arrangements for shipping items to CGCBJ must follow CGCBJ shipping, receiving, and storage protocols. (see deliveries.)
  2. The event sponsor or designee is responsible for the unpacking and packing, removal, and return shipment of all event materials.
  3. The event sponsor or designee is responsible for proper disposal if not removal of, all packing materials by the designated end time in the event agreement.


  1. CGCBJ has limited capacity for the temporary storage of conference materials and equipment. Depending on the amount and length of storage needed, storage fees may be assessed.
  2. Requests for storage must be made to least one week before the event and are subject to space availability.
  3. CGCBJ is not responsible for items stored at the request of event sponsors or their vendors.


Signage (see also Advertising and Posting Guidelines)

  1. CGCBJ carefully monitors signage in the building relevant to our sustainability goals.
  2. No signs may be posted on walls, doors, or windows at CGCBJ.
  3. Any signs posted at CGCBJ must be reviewed and approved in advance by the CGCBJ administration.



  1. Sponsorship of events must be clearly designated in the application for event space at CGCBJ.
  2. Columbia University faculty and staff may not reserve space on behalf of another Columbia school or organization or an outside organization without appropriate and approved co-sponsorship.


Student Organizations

CGCBJ is pleased to be considered as a venue for academic events, performances, and professional conferences hosted by recognized Columbia student groups and organizations. Student organizations must through least two weeks before the event to request space at CGCBJ.



CGCBJ website, [], includes information about events, facilities, venue booking, staff, and services in the area.


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