Cities and Social Solutions

Inequities of all kinds often find their most pronounced and visible expression in cities. In response to this, a growing number of municipal administrations are combining local participatory action with national and international knowledge exchange, thus becoming laboratories for impactful and sustainable social solutions.

This series aims to bring together the representatives of cities that have implemented some of the most impactful and sustainable social actions.

Events will take place as webinars beginning in February 2024 and will cover the local challenges and solutions regarding priority neighborhoods, gender, migration, and age. Each webinar will see the participation of representatives of three cities from different continents and will be moderated by a representative from Columbia University. 

This series celebrates the leadership of cities and provides inspiration for the thousands of cities and local governments around the world committed to shaping an equitable future for all urban residents.

A collaboration between the City Diplomacy Lab and the Columbia Global Paris Center

Social justice

This webinar brings together representatives from Leeds (United Kingdom), Durban (South Africa), and New Orleans (United States) to discuss the topics of inclusive growth, housing, employment, education, access to amenities, and support for families and young people.

Co-sponsored by the Leeds City Council and Global Leeds.

Watch the recording here.


City reps from Buenos Aires (Argentina), Freetown (Sierra Leone), and Louisville (United States) discuss gender-based discrimination, gender diverse and feminist leadership, care and well-being, and more.

Co-sponsored by the City Hub and Network for Gender Equity (CHANGE).

Watch the recording here.


City representatives from Montevideo (Uruguay), Barcelona (Spain), and Gwangju (South Korea) discuss migrant and refugee reception and integration; accessibility of municipal services to migrants; integration of migrants into local political life; countering fake news; diversity; sanctuary cities; and more.

Co-sponsored by the UNESCO’s International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities (ICCAR).

Watch the recording here.


City representatives from Cardiff (United Kingdom), Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), and Cockburn (Australia) discuss child rights at the local level; participation of older people in community life; healthy and active aging; integration of age-related equity goals into urban planning; and more.

Co-sponsored by the WHO Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities and The Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center.

This event is a contribution to the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing (2021-2030).

The recording will be available on our YouTube channel shortly.