Meet the President's Global Innovation Fund 2017 Awardees and Principal Investigators

Lead PI: Kavita Ahluwalia

Project Title: "A Global Learning Laboratory for Oral Health Step 1: A Planning Grant to Create a Kenya-Brazil Cross-National Collaboration in Support of Research, Education and Policy"

Lead PI: Charles Armstrong

Project Title: "Educational Exchange with Scholars from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea"

Lead PI: Mamadou Diouf

Project Title: "African Ethnographies, African Philosophies: Theorizing from the Continent Nairobi"

Lead PI: Tanya Ellman

Project Title: "Men Matter: Male Engagement in HIV Services in Kenya"

Lead PI: Katherine Ewing

Project Title: "Religion & the Rise of Populisms: Difference, Dissent, and Tolerance"

Lead PI: Ruth Finkelstein

Project Title: "Generativity in deprived urban contexts? Older Adults’ experiences in slums in Mumbai, Nairobi, and among Haitian immigrants in New York"

Lead PI: Sarah Knuckey

Project Title: "Mental Health and the Psychological Impact of War on Individuals, Families, and Communities in Yemen: A Project to Advance Research, Services, and Advocacy"

Lead PI: Don Melnick

Project Title: "Causes, Consequences, and Prevention of Wildfires in Chile"

Lead PI: Susan Pedersen

Project Title: "Enhancing the Research Component of the Columbia/Barnard/GS History Major"

Lead PI: Gisela Winckler

Project Title: "Dust, Climate and Health Impacts: past-present-future"


Lead PI: Debra Wolgemuth

Project Title: "African Nutritional Sciences Research Consortium (ANSRC): Laboratory-based PhD Training in Nutritional and Agricultural Sciences in East Africa"