Nairobi Videos

Introduction to Columbia Global Centers

Introduction and overview of Columbia Global Centers, featuring Lee C. Bollinger, President of Columbia University, Professor Safwan M. Masri, Executive Vice President for Global Centers and Global Development, and the directors of the global centers.
"Travelling While Black: Essays Inspired by a Life on the Move" by Nanjala Nyabola
Enhancing Wellness with Emotional Intelligence: Session 2 - Self - Awareness
Columbia on the Continent: Alumni in Action (Session 1)
Columbia on the Continent: Alumni in Action (2nd session)
Reconnecting: Music, Art and Trends in Africa – Featuring Anto Neosoul
African Book Talk Series - "Vagabond: Wandering through Africa on Faith" by Lerato Mogoatlhe
College Admission in the United States- Student Life and Well-Being in the USA.
African Book Talk Series - "Up & Ahead" by Sunny Bindra
3rd Annual Development Finance Conference (ADFC) 2021 - Session 1
3rd Annual Development Finance Conference (ADFC) 2021 - Session 2
Enhancing Wellness with Emotional Intelligence: Session I - What is Emotional Intelligence?
Entre Nous: Anto Neosoul and Robert G. O'Meally in Conversation
Entrepreneurial Reality: Hardship and Conquering Adversity
College Admission in the USA- How to Prepare for Master Level Studies.
"Undeterred - A Rural Boy's Journey to the Pinnacle of Academia" by Prof. John Sorana Akama
The Importance of Mentorship for Women in STEM
African Book Talk Series - "The Fortune Men" by Nadifa Mohamed
Sustainable Growth Drivers for Family Enterprises
COVID-19 and Sexual and Gender Based Violence
African Book Talk Series - "Dialogue and Dissent," by Irungu Houghton
Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness in Africa Program
African Book Talk Series - 'Tread Brightly: Notes on Ethical Travel' by Sarika Bansal
Multidisciplinary and Multi-Sector Approaches to Urbanism Design and Development
The Development of Healthy Cities in Sub-Saharan Africa: Stepping Up Clean Electricity Uses
Choose to Change - Inspiring Stories from Young Women in Technology
African Book Talk Series - 'Neither Settler or Native' by Mahmood Mamdani
Frontline Nurses: Leaders in Pandemic Response | Website Launch
How Remote Sensing Can Be Of Value To The Energy Sector
Air pollution in Nairobi and other emerging African megacities: sources, sampling, and solutions.
The Frontlines of Peace
African Book Talk Series - 'House of Stone' by Novuyo Rosa Tshuma
African Book Talk Series - 'Down River Road'.
Vaccine Development, Availability and Safety
African Book Talk Series - 'The Havoc of Choice' by Wanjiru Koinange
Women and the Return to Poverty
Healthy Cities! Nairobi Non Motorized Transport Policy: Popular Version Launch
African Book Talk Series - Dance of the Jakaranda by Peter Kimani
African Book Talk Series - 'Of Pawns and Players' by Kinyanjui Kombani
Africa and Africanity Lecture Series: Future of Religion and Religiosity of the Future
Africa and Africanity Lecture Series; Ethics in Higher Education: An African Perspective
This webinar will share initial findings from the Program on Global Health Justice, and Governance’s research focused on access to justice and GBV in Kenya during the COVID-19 pandemic, and legal and public health approaches to interventions.
Africa and Africanity Lecture Series; Identity and Equity In Africa
Hear the impact COVID-19 has had on education and instructional strategies in primary and secondary education.
Get to hear about the challenges that are facing parents, and learn about coping strategies and the resources available for parents.
Work both inside and outside of the home has become quite common due to the Covid- 19 Pandemic. This webinar focuses on helpful tips and addresses issues experienced in working both inside and outside homes.
Know how to find innovative ways to provide in-person and virtual clinical and outreach services in dental healthcare delivery during this pandemic
Lets talk about Mental Health during the COVID-19 pandemic
This webinar delves into the rising Stigma and discrimination in informal settlements, and how it is likely to hinder efforts in preventing and managing the virus in such settlements.
Hear the voices of residents from informal settlements on Whats happening on the ground in informal settlements.
Get to know the serious economic and social consequences of flooding and the mitiigation measures on flood management.
Hear the voices of the Ebola nurses, understand their insights, and consider the implications for all of us today in the battle against COVID-19.
Responsibility, fairness, dignity and honoring death were among the ethical dilemmas discussed in the transcontinental discussion on the moral and medical ethical dilemmas posed by the Covid crisis.
" The lesson from New York is that it's important to put in place very strong measures from day one to contain the virus, " as shared by Columbia Public Health's Dr. Waafa El - Sadr during a live coverage at Citizen TV Kenya.
This special webinar was co-hosted by ICAP at Columbia University and the Columbia Global Centers in Nairobi and Tunis. The webinar gave a very brief presentation on the global update of Covid- 19 as well as the Covid situation in East Africa, South Afric
A Snapshot 0f the 2019- Kraft Global Fellows- students of Columbia University's visit to Nairobi. The group was led by Chaplain Davis- Chaplain of Columbia University.
The Columbia Global Center | Nairobi in partnership with Columbia Business School's Venture for All® hosted the highly anticipated Hackathon for the Emerging Entrepreneur. The boot-camp like session focused on equipping, sharpen the skills and techniques
This short documentary tracks the progress of the Millennium Village in Sauri, Kenya, focusing on the huge steps forward that have been made in food security, education, and sustainability through Nyamninia Primary School's feeding program.
Dr Deqo Mohamed is the CEO of the Dr Hawa Abdi Foundation. This is the second lecture from the Columbia Global Centers | Africa series, held at the University of Nairobi in Kenya on March 27th, 2014.
Columbia's World Economic Forum joins forces with the School of the Arts, using theatre and music training to help participants develop their leadership skills.
Former Dean of Columbia College Michele Moody-Adams, University Provost Claude Steele, and Executive Vice President for University and Alumni Relations Fred Van Sickle discuss exciting developments at the University, both for current students and alumni.
CUSSW Dean Jeanette Takamura discusses the changing nature of the University's role in the world.
"Beyond The Music" is a speakers series where music artists speak about their community service projects and advocacy work. This event is aimed at building discussions around issues affecting our society and how they can play a role in finding solutions

Children’s Corner

Manyara and Niyasha were two beautiful daughters, Manyara being the daughter in a bad temper while Niyasha being her sister’s opposite. Listen along and get to know how this story unfolds for both Mufaro’s beautiful daughters and get to learn good virtues
How did wisdom come into the world? Join Anansi the spider in his quest to find more by listening through his adventure in the above story.