Speaking Out: Inspiring Stories of Columbia LGBTQ+ Students about Pride and Love

June 09, 2021

Columbia Global Centers | Beijing is proud to celebrate Pride Month this June to acknowledge and voice the importance of inclusion of LGBTQ+ community as part of our ongoing efforts to create a supportive environment for all Columbia members.

The Center has launched a social campaign "Embrace Diversity and Be Proud of Who You Are" to invite Columbia's Chinese students to share their coming out stories or other experiences as LGBTQ+ individuals.

We’re committed to using our reach and influence to increase the visibility and recognition of our LGBTQ+ students by providing a platform to amplify their less-heard voices.

Below is the collection of stories from our students who are willing to share their personal journeys about love, acceptance, and pride.

CGC Beijing-Pride month-flyer
CGC Beijing-Pride month-flyer
CGC Beijing-Pride month-flyer
Story 4

We want to hear from you! Share your LGBTQ+ experiences by filling out our anonymous online form Here.