CGC | Nairobi's Heartwarming Send-Off for Columbia's 2023 Students

CGC Nairobi hosts a memorable CU 2023 send-off, uniting current students and alumni to welcome incoming students.

August 22, 2023

As the 2023 academic year was about to commence, CGC Nairobi organized its first heartwarming send-off event for a group of seventeen newly admitted Columbia students from various schools within the University. These students represented Columbia College (3), GSAS (2), Business (2), Journalism (1), Public Health (1), SIPA-International Affairs (4), Law (2), and Professional Studies (2). This extraordinary gathering took place at the Center, where the University's regional hub is based.

The remarkable event signified the commencement of a pivotal chapter in the lives of these new students, offering them a chance to celebrate and receive a warm welcome to the University. They had the opportunity to hear and interact with current students, Columbia alums, and the dedicated Center's staff, making it a truly memorable occasion. The students present, including Leona Asiema SIPA'25, Isaac Mutemi SIPA'25, Nicole Mureithi CBS'25, Kylie Ochuodho LAW'24, Maurice Oniang'o JRN'24, and Melnick Nebart CC'27 expressed their gratitude for the forum as despite them being enthusiastic about joining Columbia they were unsure about what to expect. They had lingering questions about housing, setting up bank accounts, and even navigating New York.

send-off 2023

The current students, including Chukwuma Okereke MPH'24 and Esther Parker MPH'24, assured the students that they would "enjoy studying at Columbia and more so enjoy New York's diversity and culture." They encouraged the students to get involved with campus events and stay connected with their classmates and professors to keep abreast with the coursework. They cautioned the students to plan their spending as living in New York would be expensive. 

sen-off 2023

Alumnus present, including Sagal B. Musa SIPA'08, stressed the need for a well-defined game plan and encouraged students to identify their unique niches from the beginning of their academic journey. Haben Fecadu LAW'12 informed the law students that they would find the Law school "socially wonderful but a rather small network." She also informed them that the School would challenge them but would be rewarding after they completed their studies. Hon. Denittah Ghati SSW'04 urged students to seize internship opportunities available on campus, emphasizing the importance of building a robust professional experience and portfolio. Finally, Dr. Murugi Ndirangu, the Director of the Center, reassured the students that the Center would be a steadfast source of support throughout their time at Columbia. She encouraged students to view the Center as their "home away from home."