The Complexities of Contemporary Tunisia

January 10, 2024

When exploring Tunisia, one is compelled to discover its multifaceted contemporary landscape marked by challenges stemming from the aftermath of the Arab Uprising, the intricacies of a shifting political terrain, a growing migration crisis, and regional economic challenges among other things. Fully engaged in this dynamic environment, the Kraft Fellows set out to grasp the nuanced complexities of Tunisian and North African societies today.

Their journey kicked off with a meeting at the Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR). This session not only expanded their understanding of women's rights in Tunisia but also highlighted the practical role organizations like CAWTAR play in empowering women and promoting gender equality through educational programs, vocational training, and advocacy efforts across Tunisia and the broader Arab world.

Turning their attention to racial equality, the fellows engaged with Mnemty Association, a local non-profit committed to combating racial discrimination. Through candid discussions, they gained insights into the experiences and challenges of marginalized communities striving for equality in contemporary Tunisia.


Exploring the rights and well-being of migrants and refugees, the Kraft Fellows met with the Danish Refugee Council. Against the backdrop of a rising migration crisis, this session provided insights into the challenges faced by displaced populations and ongoing efforts to protect their rights and dignity.

Shifting gears to urban development and sustainable habitats, the fellows connected with the UN-Habitat Tunisia office. Conversations centered on initiatives fostering sustainable urban growth and enhancing the quality of life for Tunisian communities, offering a lens into the intersection of environmental sustainability and urban development.

The exploration then extended to the business realm as the fellows had the chance to meet with HBG Holding representatives, providing a glimpse into economic challenges and opportunities in Tunisia. This meeting underscored the private sector's role in driving economic growth and development.

These diverse engagements equipped the Kraft Fellows with practical insights into Tunisia's contemporary landscape, reflecting the efforts and challenges of organizations dedicated to empowerment, equality, and sustainable development in the region.