Precision Medicine Academy

Editor's note:

The Precision Medicine Academy was featured in this article. 

June 23, 2023

The highly anticipated Precision Medicine Academy, a transformative initiative co-organized by Institut Pasteur de TunisMinistry for Europe and Foreign Affairs- FranceInstitut Pasteur d'AlgérieInstitut Pasteur du Maroc, Institut PasteurPasteur Network and Columbia Global Centers | Tunis, has come to an end leaving a great impact on the fields of genomics and healthcare in the region. The event brought together experts, researchers, and enthusiasts who explored the cutting-edge advancements in precision medicine. 

One of the highlights of the Academy was the presence of Joseph Terwilliger, professor of neurobiology at Columbia University and a member of the CGC Tunis Faculty Advisory Committee.

Terwilliger delivered a talk on his latest research as well as the Logical Reasoning in Human Genetics course, an ongoing partnership between CGC Tunis and Institut Pasteur de Tunis. 

The 2-week academy offered a comprehensive program that spanned multiple disciplines and topics. The theoretical portion, held from June 12-17, featured four modules covering various aspects of precision medicine. These modules included an introduction to precision medicine, ethics, regulations, and governance; biobanking, sequencing, and data analysis; functional genomics; and the ecosystem of preclinical and clinical trials.

Throughout the sessions, participants had the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions, quizzes, and knowledge-sharing exercises, allowing them to deepen their understanding of precision medicine.

Additionally, the Precision Medicine Academy hosted dedicated sessions for the participants from partner institutions of the PerMediNa project. These sessions, held from June 21-22, catered specifically to clinicians, oncologists, geneticists, and molecular biologists. The aim was to provide them with a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge of molecular multidisciplinary consultations. 

From June 21-23, at the premises of Institut Pasteur de Tunis, a specialized session focused on participants from partner institutions of the PerMediNa project with expertise in genomics and bioinformatics. Attendees had the exclusive chance to enhance their skills in genomic and transcriptomic data analysis through hands-on practical exercises, specialized courses, and real-world case studies. A note-worthy part of the workshop was the networking aspect, between Tunisian students and renowned scholars from the region and the world. 

The Precision Medicine Academy's impact will have a lasting effect on the field, driving advancements in precision medicine and leading to better outcomes for patients worldwide.