Seven Projects by Columbia Alumni will Receive Funding from the Santiago Center

May 11, 2020

A total of seven projects were awarded funds by the Columbia Global Centers Santiago in the context of a call for proposals targeting Columbia alumni, launched mid-April.

The funds will go to finance research-based or other projects designed and implemented by alumni that relate to COVID-19 and its impact in Chile; deliver interesting and creative content that can be posted, presented or showcased online through the Center’s website; will be developed either in English or Spanish; and should be fully completed by June 30.

A total of 28 alumni submitted proposals, which were evaluated and rated by a group of members of the Center’s Advisory Board.

The projects that will receive funding are:

1. Promoting Young Children Autonomous Learning, by Alejandra Cortázar (TC’11)

2. Understanding the Impact of Social Distancing Measures and Quarantine on Vulnerable Families with Pre-School Children, by Carmen le Foulon (GSAS’14)

3. La Creatividad no Para / Creativity Doesn’t Stop: Casos de Innovación y Superación de Crisis en Chile durante la Pandemia de Covid-19, by Paloma Estévez (SOA’19)

4. Covid’s Impact on the Labor Market Fueled by Automation, by Pablo Egaña del Sol (GSAS’16)

5. Diosas de lo Íntimo: Guardianas de la Memoria Familiar, by Ximena Vial (GSAS’16)

6. The Politics of Coronavirus in Chile, by José Miguel Cabezas (GSAS’12)

7. A Comparison of Educational Initiatives in Campamentos in the Context of Covid-19, by Valeria Moraga (SIPA’19)

Those who have been awarded funds must contact Vivian Fosk at [email protected] to discuss the manner/time in which funds will be transferred to them.

In addition, she will provide important information about Intellectual Property (IP) issues related to the project and authorizations required when the projects involve use of personal images, including those of children. Every person that will be awarded funds must sign an agreement on these matters.

Thanks to all who participated in this project by submitting proposals. We look forward to continue engaging in activities and projects with our alumni in Chile.