Grande Salle Ginsberg-LeClerc

Grande Salle Ginsberg-LeClerc

The Grande Salle Ginsberg-LeClerc was built at Reid Hall in 1912 and extensively renovated in 2023 with the generous support of Judith Ginsberg and Paul LeClerc. We were pleased to inaugurate the newly-renovated Grande Salle Ginsberg-LeClerc on June 8, 2023. You can watch a video of the event, read the program, and view a photo slideshow of the space through the years.

We no longer live in the age of an avant-garde in which Paris sheds its light around the world, but we are in the midst of something as exciting –

Undoubtedly, Paris is not unique as a center of these profound movements affecting arts and thought in pre-war Europe.

At long last, the Grande Salle Ginsberg-LeClerc is once again ready to welcome students, faculty, staff, and guests – its luster restored and its s

The Grande Salle Ginsberg-LeClerc, built at Reid Hall in 1912, has been extensively renovated thanks to the generous support of Judith Ginsberg and

For Paul LeClerc, former president of the New York Public Library, and an accomplished scholar of French literature, Columbia is n