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Our Center promotes knowledge exchange through a set of academic programs and internships to enable students to immerse themselves in the culture and life of India, learn with regional experts and peers, and gain a practical insight into the global. We offer excellent opportunities for strengthening Columbia University's global learning mission through courses, studios and field trips, internships, and graduate student placement opportunities. We also aim to develop programs on professional/executive education for executives, government officers, and development professionals in the region.

Nursing Students Orientation

Global Practicum for Nursing Students

Columbia Global Center Mumbai serves as the main partner for the Global Clinical Experiences Program in India, which is offered by the Columbia School of Nursing. As part of this program, students are invited to participate in a six-week internship with local hospitals.

To help them get acquainted with the public health landscape and nursing ecosystem in India, the Mumbai Center organizes orientation sessions. At the end of the internship, a convening is held where students can share how the program has impacted their journey as a nurse.

On Apr 1, 2024, an orientation session was held for students who would be interning at Bel Air hospital in Panchgani. The session was led by Dr. Nerges Mistry, Trustee and Director of The Foundation for Medical Research, and provided the students with insights into the public health challenges in India. Prof. Pooja Jayan Nair, Lecturer at P.D. Hinduja National Hospital College of Nursing in Mumbai, discussed the practices and challenges of nursing in India.

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Information Session

Information Sessions 

Columbia University has a total of twenty schools, out of which four are undergraduate schools and sixteen are graduate schools. If you're interested in studying at Columbia, you can attend the information sessions organized by the Center. These sessions allow you to learn about Columbia's academic programs, admissions processes, and career support. Moreover, you can connect with faculty, admissions staff, and alumni during these sessions.

The Center has already organized information sessions for several schools, including the Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia Journalism School, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, School of Professional Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA).


Previous Programs

The Mumbai Center collaborated with the Global Columbia Collaboratory, which was established by Columbia University's Office of Undergraduate Global Programs, to offer a platform to undergraduate students to tackle plastic pollution on a global level. By recognizing the students as agents of change, the Spring 2023 Collaboratory provided an opportunity for students to comprehend the impact of plastic on the environment, health, and social well-being, and to discover ways to reduce pollution as part of a worldwide initiative. Read more


The Columbia Global Centers Virtual Internship Program was initiated as a swift and critical response to lockdowns and travel uncertainties across the globe. The network of global centers offers unique and quality virtual internship opportunities to Columbia students and recent graduates.  In each semester of the seven cycles of the program, internship opportunities have been offered by a host of private, public, and non-profit partners across the world. Students in India were placed in organizations such as the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Society for Nutrition, Education & Health Action, ReNew Power, Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action, and the Jehangir Nicholson Art Foundation.

Together with the Mailman School of Public Health, the Mumbai Center facilitates a summer practicum that enables graduate students to complete a planned, supervised and evaluated field experience in India. Student interns have so far been placed at Society for Nutrition, Education, and Health Action, a secular, non-profit organization that works on public health issues in Mumbai’s slums, Khushi Baby in Udaipur, a wearable mHealth platform that aims to reduce mortality due to vaccine-preventable diseases, and Partners for Urban Knowledge, Action and Research, an independent and participatory research collective based in Mumbai.

As the world’s largest democracy, India presents a unique opportunity to understand a long and multifaceted heritage of religious diversity. With this reality in mind, the Mumbai Center hosted Columbia University Chaplain, Jewelnel Davis, and nine Kraft  Global Fellows - four in 2016 and five in 2017 - for an  intensive field study on Religious Pluralism in India. Through visits to important sacred sites and exhibitions, and interactions with experts, the team learned about the history, practices and contemporary issues related to different religions in India and explored the relationship between religious communities.

As globalization increases, international cultural exposure and work experiences become important to successfully navigating and meeting the demands of a changing work environment. Since 2013, the Mumbai Center has been hosting the Columbia Experience Overseas program that offers undergraduate students a high quality internship experience in a diverse array of industries and organizations through alumni and employer partnerships. Students spend eight weeks between June and August interning with leading for-profit and non-profit organizations in Mumbai, including Barclay’s Bank India, AZB & Partners, Marg Foundation, Jaico Publishing House, Asia Society India Centre, Apne Aap Women’s Collective, Spencer Stuart and Mumbai Mobile Creches.

We hosted two virtual programs with Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies (SPS) on February 18 and March 22, 2022, for high school students aspiring to pursue higher education abroad.  The inaugural information session conducted by Anita Weiss and Michelle Gauman, admissions officers for pre-college programs, offered high school students, parents, and educators a chance to learn more about the university’s Summer Immersion Program for students in grades 8-12. A  writing workshop conducted by Ms. Weiss, Assistant Director of Recruitment for Pre-College Programs at SPS, delivered a very constructive glimpse of the nuances and considerations that go into crafting a stellar college application essay.

Columbia Global Centers in Mumbai and Beijing facilitated an intensive six-week summer program on Media Practices in India and China, with students spending three weeks in each country. It is organized as part of the Global Scholars Program (GSP) in collaboration with the Weatherhead East Asian institute and the Office of Global Programs at Columbia University. Unlike traditional study abroad programs, GSP builds on the expertise, resources, and cross-regional networks offered by the Columbia Global Centers, which enables students to delve deeper into the areas of their interests and conduct research across borders.

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