Columbia Student Researches the Impact of Immigration on the Construction of Chilean Identity


June 30, 2018

Regine Francois, a junior studying Sociology and Sustainable Development at Columbia University, spent four months in Chile in a study abroad program on Social Justice, Cultural Identity, and Community Development organized through the Global Program and Fellowship Center. Her research took place in Santiago and focused on immigration and its impact on the construction of the Chilean identity. She also participated in a week-long academic excursion to the Northern towns of Arica, Putre, and Socoroma, as well as to the Southern locations of Pucon, Temuco, and Trankurra. "Being in Chile has allowed me to explore much more of who I am and what I want in my life. It has shown me the power of making decisions that will contribute to making my life more meaningful, how to better embrace my own vulnerability (something previously almost nonexistent), and the beauty of speaking Spanish and how expression goes deeper than just word choice" she says. "It helped me develop personally, emotionally, and spiritually and I will always be grateful for this experience!" she added.