Global Youth Leadership on Environmental Sustainability with 2020 Columbia SIPA China Delegation

January 07, 2020

On January 7, global youth leaders from 2020 Columbia SIPA China Delegation and Schwarzman Scholars of Tsinghua University gathered at Columbia Global Centers | Beijing and were joined by a full-capacity crowd of students from local universities and industry professionals to discuss climate change and environmental sustainability.

This special program is a part of the Beijing Center’s Environmental Sustainability Series. The program showcased the power of youth in response to the threat of climate change with six leaders introducing their diverse research and project experiences in China, U.S., France, Denmark, Mexico, and India. They also expressed their hopes and passion to climate change and called on the public to take action. Participating speakers included Aly Azhar SIPA ’20, Pauline Deschryver SIPA ’20, Bernardo Rivera Muñozcano SIPA ’20, Wenpeng LAI SIPA '20, Alexander Mackay (Schwarzman), and Shubhojit Ghose (Schwarzman).

Professor Haibin ZHANG, Vice Dean of the School of International Studies at Peking University, and Hanyang WEI, Analyst of Bloomberg New Energy Finance in China and a SIPA alumnus, also joined the discussion to comment on China’s climate actions and progress.

Since 2017, Beijing Center has supported SIPA China Delegation to an all-dimensional experience to deepen their understanding of China and build a platform of mutual learning with leaders and peers, which will help future leaders of the U.S. and China strengthen ties and facilitate engagement and cooperation.