Sustainability and Environment

Addressing threats to the environment and actively encouraging sustainable practices requires cross-disciplinary engagement and outreach. Our Center collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders across the globe to create and deliver programs that are meaningful in the Brazilian context and elsewhere that can be replicated.

As a leader in sustainable energy and conservation movements, Brazil offers much insight and research into the major environmental and sustainability concerns facing the world. We work with Columbia’s Earth Institute, School of International & Public Affairs, and Fu Foundation School of Engineering & Applied Science – in addition to several local universities and think-tanks – to examine and understand the political, economic, and technological opportunities and limitations relevant to these concerns.

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Related News

January 05, 2021

Healthy Cities! Nairobi Non Motorized Transport Policy: Popular Version Launch

This first session in partnership with the Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations and the Center for Sustainable Development at the Earth Institute in a two-part series that takes a hard look at Kenya’s Urban Transportation Infrastructure in an age of climate change. This session discussed the state of NMT infrastructure in Kenya. 

July 14, 2020

Floods Management: Prevention, Protection and Mitigation

Water-Related Disasters account for about 90% of natural disasters globally. Global warming and climate change have resulted in changing weather patterns around the world. In various regions, rainfall patterns have changed drastically resulting in unprecedented river flows. This webinar sought to minimize the impact of flooding both in Kenya and India through the development of mitigation measures geared towards minimizing the impacts of floods.