Want to help others during the pandemic but don't know how? Here are four charities you can donate to to support others during this crisis.

"Diretor do Columbia Global Centers | Rio de Janeiro, Thomas Trebat, diz que esforço fiscal para estancar déficit público se tornou pauta secundária “Gastar 5% do PIB [Produto Interno Bruto] e correr riscos financeiros mais para frente ou ver centenas de milhares de cidadãos, amigos, familiares e idosos morrerem?”. Leia a matéria completa feita para o CANAL UM BRASIL.

On April 1st, professor William B. Eimicke was invited by Columbia Global Centers Rio de Janeiro for the second webinar on the COVID-19 crisis: "Public Management in Times of Severe Stress: Lessons to date from the COVID-19 response." Professor Eimicke wrote a very important paper that answers a few questions that were made on the webinar. If you didn't have a chance to participate on the webinar, now you can watch it!

This comparative case study explores two innovative primary care programs in Brazil and India. In Brazil: the development of Rio’s Clinicas de Familia: low-cost, technologysupported, and community-based clinics. In India: an innovative program to use telemedicine for primary care in rural areas. Watch the video of Dr Ganapathy talking about telehealth deployment during COVID 19 and read the full case study below.

Jennifer Ostrowski '22IA talks about her experience during the first global immersion course for Master of International Affairs students at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). Along with 19 other students and her instructor, Jennifer spent 10 days in Turkey for the "Beyond the ‘Refugee Crisis’: Refugees in Turkey and Global Public Policy."

Irina Elena Preotescu '21IA took part in Columbia SIPA's first global immersion course for Master of International Affairs students. She speaks about her time in Turkey for 10 days in January 2020 for "Beyond the ‘Refugee Crisis’: Refugees in Turkey and Global Public Policy."

The Kraft Global Fellows Program is an initiative of the Kraft Family Fund for Inter cultural and Interfaith Awareness and the Office of the University Chaplain. Danielle Murad Waiss '21SIPA was one of Kraft Global fellows who took part in the Kraft Global Fellows visit to Turkey in January 2020. They were accompanied by Chaplain Davis and Associate Professor Josef Sorett and visited Ephesus and Istanbul.