LRHG - Lecture 22: Lessons to Remember from Lactase Deficiency - Lactase Persistance Projects

December 06, 2023

On December 6th, CGC Tunis and Institut Pasteur de Tunis hosted the 22nd Logical Reasoning in Human Genetics (LRHG) lecture, featuring Pr. Nabil Enattah, a distinguished geneticist and our first speaker from Libya. As a pioneer in the field and a Senior Researcher at the Libyan Biotechnology Research Center (BTRC), Tripoli, Libya, Pr. Enattah delivered a presentation that explored essential lessons learned from studying Lactase Deficiency and Lactase Persistence.

Lactase persistence is a focal point of Professor Nabil Enattah's lecture. He delves into the intricate ways genetics influence our ability to consume dairy. Professor Enattah, who spent decades working in the field, explored the fascinating discoveries surrounding lactase persistence mutations and the selection theories that underpin them. His insights shed light on the interplay between genetics and dietary habits, providing valuable context to understand why some populations have evolved to maintain lactase production into adulthood, allowing for the continued consumption of dairy products.

Pr. Enattah also examined studies on the most severe form of lactase deficiency: congenital lactase deficiency (CLD). He underscored that CLD is an autosomal recessive gastrointestinal disorder characterized by watery diarrhea, manifesting within the first 1-10 days of life in infants fed lactose-containing milks.

Beyond the scientific aspects, the lecture also addressed the challenges and successes of conducting research in challenging environments. Pr. Enattah's observations not only expanded our knowledge of genetics but also provided practical guidance for researchers.

The 22nd lecture from the LRHG series offered a realistic perspective on the hurdles and triumphs in the field, emphasizing the significance of perseverance and logical reasoning for those navigating the complexities of scientific exploration in a difficult political environment.