This was the first panel of a two-part panel series hosted by the Columbia Global Centers| Nairobi and Columbia Global Centers| Mumbai. The purpose of this series was to discuss lessons learned from India, Kenya and the United States in finding innovative ways to provide in-person and virtual clinical and outreach services in dental healthcare delivery during this pandemic. 

Nothing is more important to the University than sustaining education, community, and engagement, regardless of the pandemic and regardless of the temporal political winds. With new Columbia Global Centers initiatives, the increased number of regional locations, and enhanced programming, the Global Centers can ensure international students and the University will continue together in a shared experience.

Along with the terrible toll it has exacted in lives lost, as well as negative health and economic impacts, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced dramatic changes in how families must navigate work both inside and outside of the home. This webinar brought together a team of experts who addressed issues that are being experienced in the home as a result of the pandemic and provided helpful tips on how to deal with these challenges.

Water-Related Disasters account for about 90% of natural disasters globally. Global warming and climate change have resulted in changing weather patterns around the world. In various regions, rainfall patterns have changed drastically resulting in unprecedented river flows. This webinar sought to minimize the impact of flooding both in Kenya and India through the development of mitigation measures geared towards minimizing the impacts of floods.

This was the third panel of a three-part panel series hosted by the Columbia Global Centers| Nairobi and Columbia Global Centers| Rio de Janeiro. The purpose of this panel was to bring together experts and community members to talk about their experiences with and perceptions of stigma and discrimination in informal settlements in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and to hear their strategies and recommendations for addressing stigma and discrimination in these communities.

The purpose of this panel discussion was to bring together mental health experts living and working in informal settlements to discuss mental health in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and to provide recommendations for managing and mitigating mental health challenges in these communities.

This article was published by Sarah Fecht on the Eart Institute's blog, State of the Planet.

Des chercheurs de l’université Columbia suggèrent que les Parisiens résidant à moins d’un kilomètre de la cathédrale auraient été exposés à des niveaux très supérieurs aux données officielles. Cet article a été publié par Le Monde le 9 juillet 2020.

 Wenhao LI, a communications intern at Beijing Center, tells his story at the Center during the COVID-19 pandemic.