'Wednesdays at the Institute': Lecture Series

The Fellows of the Columbia Institute for Ideas and Imagination present their work in the series Wednesdays at the Institute / Les mercredis de l’Institut.

September 18, 2018

These events range widely across the arts and disciplines in accordance with the diversity of interests represented by the Institute, where fellows devote their time to scholarly and artistic projects.



October 3, 7 pm: Tina Campt - “Still Moving Images”

October 17, 7 pm: Jenny Davidson, “For the Love of Broken Things: My Father, Edward Gibbon and the Ruins of Rome”

November 7, 7 pm: Hiie Saumaa, “A Dance for Two: Choreographer Jerome Robbins’ Unpublished Letters”

December 5, 7 pm: Nellie Hermann, “All the Missing: Exploring the historical plight of the unwed mother in fiction”

December 12, 7 pm: Xiaolu Guo -  A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman

January 16, 7 pm: Tash Aw - Uncharted Ambition: Retelling the Story of Modern Migration

January 23, 7 pm: Kaiama L. Glover – René Depestre, From Haiti to Moscow with Love

January 30, 7 pm: Amit Chaudhuri  - Music on the Twenty-Fifth Storey: the Mimetic and the Textual

February 6, 7 pm: Deborah Levy - The psychopathology of the doppelgänger- creating a twinned self in fictio

February 20, 7 pm: Elsa Dorlin - Phenomenology of the prey: on the neoliberal discrimination of spared lives v. stalked lives

March 13, 7 pm: Emeka Ogboh - Untitled

March 20, 7 pm: Karen Van Dyck  - Migration, Translingualism, Translation, with a response by Dimitris Christopoulos, International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)  

April 3, 7 pm: Zaid Jabri - Three Concepts

April 10, 7 pm: Robert O'Meally - Music, Text, Image: Duke Ellington's "Paris Blues" and "Such Sweet Thunder" (the Shakespearean Suite)

May 22, 7 pm: Achille Mbembe - The Idea of a Borderless World

May 29, 7 pm:  Zosha Di Castri - The Makeup and Mockup of a Musical Process